Course report export limitation

  • 24 June 2022
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We have an assessment with 200+ questions that went out to 800+ employees. When I use the Course Report tool to generate an item analysis of the training material, the export does not generate a complete report. The export creates a file with about 125 of the questions and cuts off at the same point every time. To export the entire data set, I must deselect the first 125 questions and then run the report for the remaining items. Does the Course Report tool have a fixed limitation regarding the number of test items, or is it more a cap on the size of the data export? Is there a way to adjust the limitation?


Here’s the path I am using to generate the report:

Course > Reports > Training Materials Statistics >  Select the Test > Export as Excel or CSV

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Without knowing for sure I’d bet it is a export size limitation, and probably not adjustable as it is probably a technical limit.