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Duplicating a Learning Plan for onboarding

  • 21 March 2023
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We perform sales onboarding every two weeks, and our onboarding track or curriculum is four weeks long.  I’m looking into creating a LP for each week, separately.  My question is, do I have to manually create 4 new LPs (one for each week of onboarding) every two weeks?  Is there not a way to duplicate an LP?  It seems like a lot of work to have to manually create an onboarding curriculum that regularly occurs throughout the year.  How do other organizations handle recurring onboarding curriculums with ILT (VILT) courses, eLearning mods, videos, documents etc.?

Thanks for any insight.


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2 replies

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@RobyneP You are essentially working with cohorts of learners, so the issue here is really how you go about enrolling them. You can use one LP/week if that helps, but I don’t think you need to duplicate the LPs.

Take a look at this conversation here in the forum and see if that helps.



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Hi @RobyneP there is no option to copy or duplicate learning plans unfortunately. However what was posted above should help you to manage the ones you do create as you do not need to recreate an LP for each new group of users.

If you have some informal content, you can also look at using Channels that have a great Cohort feature. We sue it a lot and love it.

hope you find something useful.