Embedding video content from Google Drive

  • 17 June 2022
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Has anyone else tried to embed Google Drive video content into Docebo pages? I tried to use the iframe option but I get a 403 error. Do we literally have to put all of our content into YouTube or Vimeo? If so, how to we ensure they’re not publicly viewable. We need most of this content to be private to employees only, and we usually manage privacy settings via Google Drive sharing.

5 replies

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On a similar note, I’m also trying to figure out the best way to embed Google docs so that the contents of the doc get included in the Docebo search. Halp! haha

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@abeach  - you have options with video. You may want to ensure that your admin has setup google drive as an allowed domain for the iframe.


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Hello @abeach ! Did the solution with the iFrame and the allowlist work for you? 

I’ve tried it several times with the following but I can never make it work. 



If you succeeded, do you have any tips? Did you come up with an alternative to uploading to Youtube that you could suggest? 

Thank you! 


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@Arturo , we didn’t end up getting it to work and it mostly has to do with our security settings in Google Drive. What we usually do is load up a Google Slide file and have the link to the corresponding Google Drive video on the first slide for folks to click. It’s not a great solution, but we’re doing that until we figure out how to make YouTube work (in a secure way). 

The other things we do (for shorter videos) is download the MP4 from Google Drive and embed in our authoring tool (Articulate) or directly into a course in Docebo. Longer videos or recordings of meetings are a bit more cumbersome for this approach, but for short stuff it works pretty well. Still figuring things out--that’s for sure!

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Thank you, @abeach! It does seem to be a limitation with the Google Drive security settings. Your work around could be a good option for some of our needs, but it’s still far from sharing a link. I’ve done this with OneDrive and the security options with the Microsoft suite are much better for this scenario. 

Anyway, thank you for your time and for providing the work around ideas.!