How can I see what a specific group has visibility to?

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I want to validate that my user groups have access to all the catalogs and channels that they should have access to. I have to assign the visibility via catalogs and channels. Is there a way to see/report visibility by group? 

I need to verify a few groups as new catalog and channels have been created and I want to make sure the users in all my groups have visibility to the learning plans, courses, and assets they should have access to. 

Groups only shows me name, description, and members. I also tried reports but couldn’t find anything with a relationship to groups and visibility to catalogs and channels. 

Not an issue at the moment but a related question is, how can a Power User see enrollment rules associated/applied to their groups?  

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@dianex.gomez There are two ways that I check visibility on things like this.

  1. Create a ‘dummy’ account for myself that makes me a member of the group. Then, log in with those credentials and check out what you can access.
  2. Find a PU (or user) who is already a member of that group, and log in as that account.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks for the suggestion. Sounds like I would still need to hunt and peck and hope I don’t forget anything. I am looking for a way to list the catalgos and channels so I can see them all at one time. 

I have been spoiled by data driven answers using analytics. I am used to seeing lists and reports so I can audit and validate multiple groups (in this case) as one time. We have so many that I am looking at strategies to manage them systematically.