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ILT session / event approved by Admin

  • 17 November 2023
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I’m hoping someone can help me with the following question. Can a power user create an ILT session or event that needs to be approved by an admin first . We have Departments that may want to host ILTs/ VLTs on a specific date for a branch , but we might not approve it due to other training schedule the same or other event (inventory ). I would like to eliminate the email back and forth and hopefully process all requests in Docebo. 


Poweruser A - Submits ILT/VLT for approval of training for branch managed by Poweruser B 

Poweruser B/ Admin - Receive notice , Poweruser B approves based on their business needs . 

Admin - Final approval and activate for enrollment , pre-work courses etc. 



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Yes any PU with the proper permissions and access to the same users can approve a transaction. We display the Task List widget to the PU’s for easy access to approvals. Note that approvals are only at the course level, not at the session level though.

I was thinking if using checklist to request the information would work?

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not sure what you mean...are you looking to capture information during the enrolment process?