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List length controls?

  • 23 January 2023
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Is there any way to allow Docebo to “show all” or at least show a specific number of returns in generated lists, such as Learning Plans, Notifications, Registrants, etc? It’s really annoying to have to scroll through 6 “pages” to see all 53 course registrants. Thanks!


Best answer by lrnlab 23 January 2023, 16:37

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Depends on what screen you're on...some of the newer screens have that option to view more than the default number of records but not all...should be done over time as Docebo works to improve the admin UI

Thanks lrnlab. It makes no sense to me why it would have been designed in such a clunky manner in the first place. Hoping for improvements in this area. 

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Agree...this is the first LMS I work on that is built like this...Since Docebo ties learning history and activity to Enrolments, once a user is enrolled, all they can do is what the course and training materials cannot take a course twice nor buy it twice unless the initial records are deleted. They do not appear to have a separate database that captures completions part from enrolments.

Coming soon is a function called, Enrolments Archive that might help in this regard + they did just launch (inn sandboxes only) the ability to track all exam attempts which is pretty cool and nice to see. this should be in production in the next few weeks.