Notification - user enrolled on a session with various event locations

  • 21 March 2023
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We have Sessions for ILT training which are multiple days.  day 1 of the course is in one location and classroom and days 2 and 3 are in a different location and classroom.  I can’t seem to show this information on the Notification.  It just says ‘multiple locations’ and doesn’t pull through any classroom information.  I have looked through all the notifications and i can’t see anything relating to Event information only session information.


Any help welcome.


1 reply

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Hi @B045680 - You can create a SharePoint link where all session and event details are posted. You can point your learners from your session notification the link where their events will be held. Also, you can use ‘ILT event starting’ notification so your learners will be reminded of their upcoming event, however, you cannot add your location on this, they will need to access their event details in the system. This is too much of a work for learners, so, some of our ILT coordinators opted to send invites via Outlook calendar and they would just send to us the attendance for completion marking.