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Question Presentation - How do I do this in Docebo?

  • 6 January 2023
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Best answer by dklinger 9 January 2023, 04:09

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I love the format that this other company has used and would like to implement it for ourselves, if any one can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.

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looks lie this was build with an authoring tool and exported as a SCORM package...definitely not the native Docebo test

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most used software is Articulate Rise or 360

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@lrnlabis right - this definitely looks like a course that was generated and imported into the system.

My op-ed piece - there are ALOT of third party e-Learning rapid development software that support SCORM exporting. I will admit that I am a huge fan of Articulate products, but Adobe Captivate is the other mid-level favorite flavor out there. It has been at its business longer that Articulate as a standalone product (I believe Articulate in its earliest versions was a Powerpoint plugin, but I may be totally wrong and Adobe Captivate goes way back to the Macromedia acquisition days and before that RoboDemo - during literally the birth of SCORM as a standard). Don’t blink an eye at their costs ($1300 a year for perpetual licenses that always update your desktop with the very latest), there are alternative licensing models as well as complete freebies out there that an instructional designer can use to knock things out of the ball park. I believe both support education level licenses.

Articulate Storyline tends to be a fan favorite because of the less steeper learning curves than Adobe Captivate. And for those of us who have used Captivate for ever, we laugh at that because many Adobe products have been super revamped during their lifecycle. What is perceived as a steeper learning curve really means options.

It may be better today to think about what you are trying to do. If you are looking for a particular layout, know that Storyline/Captivate offer infinite flexibility. If you are looking to do things on a budget or even free...look at something like and ActivePresenter and iSpring. Be careful, the lines get blurry today as folks try to sell you on an LMS at the same time. Some folks swear by Camtasia when it comes to video-based SCORM packages that can be authored. Always look for something that can export out to SCORM 1.2 / 2004 / xAPI.

But the other sides of the story as you work with broader/bigger shops really begins to involve how content is shared amongst teams, cloud based solutions (like EasyGenerator) and how those solutions are being supported.

In a few years, these things begin to feel like tools in the toolshed, you will grow to have affinities with one flavor or the other because of the elegance that you needed at that right time for a solution you created - but I have done this and have lead ID teams for years...and I digress.

I wish you luck in your travels - it can promise to be a really fun one.


@lrnlab & @dklinger  Thank you both for those excellent answers, I was leaning towards SCORM, then didn’t realize how much I had to learn with an authoring tool as well.

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@Danbhalah- in someways? I would suggest to not wreck yourself out of the gate. Looking at the key elements - I believe many if not all of the options mentioned above cover the key elements that are available in your image. Some are wound a little tighter than others. But if you want to get started for free and want to try out a cloud based content builder that supports answer level custom responses? I would recommend EasyGenerator only because I have used it with SMEs often...and they love it - drag and drop and your options as you build things out are right in front of you. By far it has one of the most shallow learning curves and it can make you look like a rockstar without much fuss.


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Ok last last note - take a look at this thread as well.

It is not THE definitive source, but it is decent.