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Schedule Notification - Learning Plan

  • 5 January 2023
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I've created several learning plans and already enrolled users in the plans. Now I want to notify them that they've been enrolled in these plans, but I can't. The only schedule available is at the time of the event, not later. Does anyone have a solution?

If I create the notification and the user is subscribed to 3 plans, will he receive 3 emails? Is there any way he can only get one?

Thank you.


Best answer by lrnlab 5 January 2023, 16:01

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4 replies

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That us usually the case with notifications...They need to be built and active before you trigger the action that would normally send them out. There are some other notifs for LP. If you set a due date, you can use one called LP is about to expire. The one you want to use will not work after users are already enrolled; and with good reason. Imagine if it sent emails to all users who had previously been enrolled? That could be a lot of spam.

Another option you could use is the Newsletter. You would need to find your users one-by-one or build a group to capture them all. a decent workaround though.

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Hello @lrnlab , thank you.

If I create the notification before to enroll the learners, and If when I created an users, they automatic enroll in 3 learning plans, The learner will receive 3 emails, or only one with this 3 learning plans?





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Don't think we have a Digest version for LP enrolments so they would receive 1 email for each LP enrolment.

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I believe all 3 since it is based on the event and I don’t believe you are able to enroll them in all 3 at the same time so each would be an event triggering the notification.