Company announcement about upcoming launch of Docebo

  • 13 June 2022
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Our organization has selected Docebo as our new LMS. We are tentatively going to begin implementation in August. We would like to put an company-wide anouncement out to get people excited. I am curious the approach other organizations have taken in their communications. Any help will be appreciated!

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I have done two of these announcements over 10 years. Both involved smaller go lives leading up to the big one.

For the first one? It was announced as a partnership being sponsored by various offices and called out the initial domains that it would service.

As the org I worked at went into a merger? We then used the system with critical path learning (ICD10 training)…it was a massive merger wide initiative that involved all corners of the org and a quick learning curve that needed to be achieved with a deep library that needed to remain available for years. The system was the only thing that could scale…and therefore it took the win with a project related announcement.

Recent gig/org involves 3 major audiences. The announcement involved working with Marketing to take a single learning event (sexual harassment training) that was pushed to the different audiences with slightly different messages. Today roughly 9 months in? I would say we have decent buy in across the entire enterprise. 

What I would recommend? Is consider building a welcome video that covers the elevator pitch…videos like that work great in admin forums and can easily become part of materials sent to power users - it can easily go into a widget on the front page and talk new users through aspects of the experience. 

Here is a sample of a prototype of that elevator pitch…hope this helps…

And the older one with another product - but totally relevant to the story (and made 10 years ago)…

Notice? The name of the product is not brought to the table in either. Internal branding is important…the name Docebo means something to you…but not anyone else…in fact? Most will torture the name first.

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My company recently selected and implemented Docebo for the purpose of internal employee training. As you’ve identified, how you promote and communicate your platform will likely have a greater impact on the success or failure of your implementation than the features of Docebo itself. Put another way, I’m a strong believer that even the best platform will fail without a solid communication strategy behind it.

We launched our platform about 2-months ago. Some key elements of our communication and promotion strategy have been:

  1. Identify a way to describe your platform in one sentence.
    As part of our selection process, we evaluated Docebo among other LMS platforms around several succinct, but wordy for the purpose of a launch campaign, objectives. We distilled all of that business case jargon down to three action/benefit verbs - Learn, Grow, and Lead. All subsequent communication has centered around those three points.
  2. Employee Announcement Video
    We produced the following announcement video that articulated our platform through the lens of how the platform can benefit them. Again, learn, grow, lead. This was just a simple talking head video we edited and produced using Camtasia. 
  3. Signage
    We've created several posters that are present throughout each of our offices. Again, with the Learn, Grow, Lead action verbs key to the messaging.
  4. Intranet
    We’ve published several “Learning This Week” posts on our intranet to spotlight what’s new, or what we recommend employees have a look at within our platform.
  5. Company Presentations
    Supporting all of the above, we demonstrated the platform at our monthly all company meeting with the CEO. Additionally, we’ve hosted more focused presentations at each of our division meetings.

Overall, we’ve been pretty satisfied with the participation rate among our employees. Of course, Docebo represents a cultural change, so the important thing is simply remembering your launch communication and promotion can’t be just a singular announcement/event, but an ongoing communication strategy.

For example, although we’ve not yet enabled Gamification features (we’re working on building what we want that program to be now), we have been recognizing people and departments who are leveraging Discover, Coach, and Share during the kickoff/intro of our ILT training sessions. The strategy there being to tap into people’s FOMO (Fear of Missing Out); in other words, planting the seed that “if other departments are using this and finding value in it, I don’t want to be the only department not using it.”