Filter Courses by Skill?

  • 2 November 2021
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Can learners filter courses by Skills?

2 replies

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Hi @joshsanderson don’t think that’s an option on the catalogues however if you add a course to the Skills Channel, that channel DOES allow the user to filter by skill. Not quite what you may be looking for but it’s an option. 

If you use Categories in course management and allow them to appear on the catalogues, you could also build out a list of your top skills there. be mindful that a course can only be attached to a single category at this time.

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It’s a little tricky to test as i just found out...the Skills filter in the channel seems to be populated from skills I added to profile and none others so it’s not quite a true filter. It does display the course I tagged with a matching skill though...tiny step forward...:wink: