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Rise Courses | Overwrite of Training Material

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Hi - I am wondering if anyone else has encountered the following:

  • we did export to SCORM 2004
  • we uploaded a rise 360 course that we have been working on for months and it seems to be working….yay
  • we uploaded a change to the rise course that I believe is not structural - just an attachment
  • we chose to overwrite the training material
  • even with test users - the newer training material with the newer attachments are not showing itself in my browsers

If you have encountered it or have any thoughts on what could be going on - I would appreciate any insight. I dont want to spend too much more time on this because it feels silly...but if you have any idea of what could be going on? It will help to talk me down from any concerns.


Best answer by dklinger 7 July 2022, 19:16

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Never mind….I changed to another browser and that seemed to have do it….I want to blame heavy caching…or slower getting to the overwrite of the training material than expected.

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Gotta love when finally caving and asking for help and then immediately finding the solve! :)

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You got it Brian.

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Yes, exactly this happened to me last week! The issue resolved itself as well after a few minutes. But I had a minor panic attack since it happened with customer-facing training we were about to launch that day (and that I only uploaded again to fix a minor spelling mistake… so much for perfectionism!). 

It took long enough so that I exported the course again, uploaded it again, tested again, panicked again… then made a nice cup of tea, had a snack, and discovered all was well ☕