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Avatar Progress Bar

  • 1 December 2021
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I read through the post below…

but did not see this particular thing covered… 

Anyone know what this little progress bar is tracking?

I tried to make some sense of it by looking at various other avatars and comparing activity but could not seem to come up with anything that seemed to satisfy all the data.


Best answer by Adam Ballhaussen 1 December 2021, 18:44

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3 replies

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Hey @gstager! We call this the reputation bar.


The reputation bar represents the total number of likes you’ve received on your posts & replies in the community.


It first appears on your profile once you’ve received 5 likes, then proceeds to fill until you’ve “maxed out” your reputation, which in the case of the Docebo Community is 320 likes.


This is a great way in addition to the other gamification elements of the platform to see which members are most active and most appreciated by their peers!

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Thanks for clearing that up, @Adam Ballhaussen!

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Sure thing @gstager! I also updated my response to @Salvo’s post to include this info about the reputation bar. Your bar is already filling up! I’m stoked to see it max out soon 🙂