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  • 21 April 2021
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I noticed that when I make a post and someone responds there is an option to select the “Best Answer” while I love this feature, I recently clicked it on a post and realized I couldn't take it back! Is there a way to add an “undo” button for this feature? 


2 replies

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Hey Stephanie,


Unfortunately there currently isn’t a way for users to “undo” or “deselect” a best answer mark to a reply directly from the post. I agree that this could be really helpful for our community members so I’ve reached out to our vendor to see what they can do.


In the meantime, our moderators can help you remove a best answer mark whenever you might select it accidentally or need to change the answer you marked best. I created a guide that shares what to do for future members (spoiler alert: for now just message me 🙂)



Please keep the feedback and ideas coming, and please don’t stop marking those best answers!

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@Stephanie Dreiling I had a similar experience with a poll that @Adam Ballhaussen posted. I accidentally made a selection not meaning to and I couldn’t resubmit my answer. It would be nice if you could also change your poll response.