Did I Already Vote On This Or Not?

  • 2 August 2022
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I thought I would make this post because I have noticed that some ideas have had  decreasing  vote numbers.

Now - Everyone is welcome to change their mind on the ideas presented here, of course, but it dawned on me that it might be possible that an idea presented several months ago gets buried and manages to resurface causing a whole new group of people to see it along with those who have not only voted on it but forgotten about it too.

I know how that goes.


So they look at this idea that they forgot they voted on and say to themselves - “That’s a great idea!” and proceed to vote on it unknowingly removing their previous vote.

So before you hit that upvote button check the color of the button.

If it is light blue - you have already cast your vote. If it is dark blue - you have not voted on it.


5 replies

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Thanks for posting this, @gstager 

I’ve definitely wondered a couple of times if I was retracting a vote that I’d forgotten I’d already cast.

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Sounds like @gstager is challenging to remove votes from his ideas :)

Just kidding.

Is a great example of potential accessibility issues for systems when states are displayed only by a color change though and how it impacts all user types. Important to keep in mind with all the css work around the community.

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Yes, I’ve definitely removed a few votes by mistake 😥

I wonder if it would be possible to display some contextual text when hovering over the vote button. Something like this: 


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Would be better to just have a better visual differentiation as hover events don’t work on all device types, but yes, something would be great :)

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Another option would be to disable the ability to remove votes (or put a time limit on this ability). In most cases, people probably won’t change their mind anyway.