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Please forgive me if this question has already been answered, but is there an area in the Community where you can view all of the community members? It would be really great to be able to filter members by industry, company, role, etc. for networking and follow requests.


Best answer by Stephanie Dreiling 12 May 2021, 19:55

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Hey @LMSica! One thing that came to mind here which is similar to your question is the ability to request groups in the Community. This post explains it more: 

And here is the Community page:

I think groups by industry is a fantastic idea as Docebo users in similar industries might have unique insights and questions to share with their peers!

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@LMSica there isn’t a current list of users, but I was recently informed about the ability to view the complete leaderboard to see all the names.  If you are interested in learning more about someone you are able to hover over their photo and toggle to their “about” tab. 

@Adam Ballhaussen put another tick next to the directory request!  

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I love this idea @LMSica. As @Stephanie Dreiling mentioned, there have been a few other requests from members for a sort of “directory”. 


While the vendor we’re using doesn’t support this today, Steph’s recommendation to view the leaderboard and hover over users to see more information is a good one! You can also find some really helpful information about individuals by scrolling through the Introduce Yourself thread.


I’ve submitted an idea with our vendor for a “directory” but am not sure if/when that might be made available. Until then, it can never hurt to submit a post looking for others in similar industries/roles! @mj_ has a great point about groups as well. Feel free to submit a group request as he advised.