Does anyone know if there is a report to pull deeplinks or URLs from courses?

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Hello All,

Wanted to ask if anyone knows of a report or way to pull the deeplinks or URLs for each course?  We have a couple different use cases that this would help use to deploy...but the largest would be just sharing out curated content lists that are focused by topic or skill area to managers to share during team huddles.

Thanks for any guidance,

Lauren H.

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Hmmmm….I know there is a stable root of the URL so it can be produced. But that is not your question.

Did you get an answer to this?

Greetings, I would like to know too, if there is a way to pull this data, it´d be helpful. 

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You can pull this data with the courses export in Course Management…
Go to Course Management, select courses, click Choose Action, then Export Courses Data - make sure to select All Courses Properties under Export Course Properties.

Hope this helps.