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I'm wondering what's the idea behind not having gif on the platform. Is there a security problem? 


Best answer by Adam Ballhaussen 14 May 2021, 23:13

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 Hey @Salvo! I’m happy to share with you that we do support gifs in the community. While there is no “database” of gifs to select from, we support .gif files in our text editor!


How to add GIFs to posts and replies 

You can either upload a .gif from a local file on your device or even copy + paste gifs from the web into the text editor. As long as the images you copy are .gif and not .webhp, they will show up correctly in your posts and replies!


Helpful resources: is a great place to find gifs. If you want to convert a screen recording (like a .mp4 or .mov) to a GIF to help another user in the community, is a great free resource.



I hope you enjoy using gifs to brighten up your posts and replies in the future! 🙂



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We have started using GIFs in HTML widgets, just as we would with regular images.  We just host the GIFs on our own webserver as use that location as the source of the image. 

You may be able to use hosted images from other sources, provided you can get a share link and your intended audience has access to view those sources (for example, we try not to post anything from sites like YouTube since streaming sites are often blocked for most of our employees and client base).


We are also using our own GIFs e.g. in course discriptions. But i’ve noticed that these GIFs are not displayed in the Go.Learn App. It would be great if that would be working!