ILT Session Enrollment Restrictions


What is the suggested solution for ILT’s that offer multiple Sessions, not all are required, and a user should not be enrolled in all of them automatically?

Example: Planting a Flower ILT

Session 1: Potting Supplies Event 1: Tuesday 1pm

Session 2: How to pot the Flower Event 1: Wednesday 3pm

Session 3: Teaching How to Plant a Flower: Saturday 2pm


User wants to enroll in Session 1 & Session 2 but does not want to enroll in session 3. Do I have to create three separate Course ILTS? If I do 1 ILT>1 Session> 3 Events, the user is automatically enrolled in all three. If I do 1 ILT>3 Session with 1 event each, the user can only enroll in one session. What do you do to handle this?

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