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  • 20 January 2022
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I’d like the monthly update notices to more complete. It seems like there are three items that are emphasized, while many other—some minor—are not mentioned and are left for user discovery. It leaves me feeling unprepared and I’d like to alert my Power Users to these.

For example, this month I noticed in the sandbox that the look and feel is changing in course creation, and the way the Ecommerce (under Advanced settings) is also different. The addition of SCORM training materials inside of ILTs is a potential game-changer for me because of how I have had to set up learning plans to attach ILTs to Exams.

I’m pleased that the updates contain so many feature enhancements and it would be to Docebo’s benefit as well to announce a complete list to show how many improvements are being made to the platform.

3 replies

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Cant hurt to get some more details during deployments.

@TrishAH - They used to have a complete listing of what went out with the change. Is that not the case anymore????

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@TrishAH Hello!  I just wanted to follow up quickly to let you know that we have 100% heard you, we learned and we will do better!  On the go forward, we will ensure that all updates, big or small, get added to the What’s New in Your Sandbox post.  When we initially decided to launch this post, we looked at highlighting a few of the larger features.  What we learned, it isn’t the size, it is the impact!  

On the go forward we will share about each enhancement and ensure we link to all updates in the knowledge base as well.   

Thank you for sharing your feedback and I am going to mark this one as planned!  

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