Notification organization

  • 25 August 2022
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Can we please have a more efficient way of organizing and creating notifications. Ideas include:

  • File folders to sort and file standard program announcements, custom client announcements, in-house announcements, etc.​​​​​​​
  • Ability to drag and reorder notifications
  • Ability to sort by code
  • Ability to copy notifications. It’s tedious to have to not only copy it over to create a custom notificaiton, but also all the language components as well. 
  • Finally, once a notification is clicked on to edit, display the title or code of the said notification somewhere in the pop-up as reference.

Thank you.

2 replies

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Hi Nicole - be sure to submit this in the ideas area (if you haven’t already) so others can upvote it for you. I would echo a lot of your feedback here. Another thing I’d add is the ability to create a template that is picked up by all notifications (i.e. being able to build an HTML styling) so every triggering event has the same look and feel. Of course, if I’m going to ask for the moon, I might as well include having this same template styling be able to be used for newsletters and for sending emails from within the course enrollments area. 🤗

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Hi @Nicole, I agree with Jamie that these would be great ideas to submit in our Ideas area! It looks like you’re not alone on the folders idea, by the way, and there is an existing idea post about that. Please feel free to upvote this idea and comment there about how adding folders to organize notifications would impact you! Thank you for your feedback and for being an active member of our community. 😊