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Post with actual name vs. username

  • 7 October 2021
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I connected with some folks at Inspire, and wanted to tag them in a post within the Community, but unless their username was their actual name, I couldn’t connect with them in the Community after fact. Since this is a community for professional users, could posts include actual names vs the person’s user name? I can remember and find a human name easier than an online user name. In my opinion it also makes it easy to connect to a person. @Cindy McElhinney and @Annarose.Peterson are etched in my brain, but other community power users with other names I have to hunt for in another post before engaging with them. Just a thought.


Best answer by Adam Ballhaussen 19 October 2021, 19:53

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Hey @steveninfinger, thank you for this recommendation! I really like the idea and it’s something we’ve requested from our vendor.


Your best bet at the moment is to search for users via the leaderboard by using CMD/CTRL + F on each page, or alternatively searching through the responses on the introduce yourself thread. You can quickly confirm whether or not someone whose first and last name you know has replied to the Introduce Yourself thread by searching for their first and last name in the global search. If the thread appears, you’ll know they replied. If not, you may want to resort to searching the leaderboard.



I agree that it makes it very easy when community members use their name in the username, but we want to give users the ability to remain anonymous if they desire, so we allow usernames to be anything appropriate and do not require members to share their first and last names.


Lastly, if you and other community members want to make it easier for others to find you, you can always include a link to your community profile in your email signature. You can find your profile link by navigating to your avatar in the top right and selecting My Profile​​​@steveninfinger, your profile link is


You can rest assured that we’ll update the community as soon as we have some sort of “directory” functionality! I’d love to hear other methods that community members have found useful to find other members.