Preview Training Material as Superadmin, not Learner

  • 6 July 2022
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I’m trying to preview my training material (HTML pages) and grab the page URLs so I can link to them from the Course Description widget, but the course isn’t live yet--it’s prior to the start date. As a superadmin, I should be able to view the pages (not just edit them), but I think the only option to view them is through the Learner Preview, and in that case I can’t actually click into the pages since the course isn’t live yet. Any advice would be most helpful!

2 replies

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This sounds like a permissions problem waiting to happen, but can you just make it live temporarily but not allow self-enrollment, gather your links and then turn off again?

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When you say “pages” here are you referring to an HTML training material/learning object? 

I’m a little stuck on what you’re trying to do. When you click learner preview, even if the course is unpublished, as a super admin you’re getting the full view of the course. I guess I don’t understand what’s missing there?