• 21 February 2023
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Hi All,

I know we have the ideas section, and occasionally a docebo employee will post a reply, but is there anyway of us seeing a definitive roadmap, or getting an official answer on when things will be updated/rolled out?  I see the release radar posts and am also disappointed about how little is being released, or less important things being release, and the big tickets items never appear.  Specifically i would like to know when/if the following things are being released:

*optional learning plan courses

*ability to retake same ILT course

*ability to retake e-learning course but completion date get updated with new date

*Ability to renew a course direct from the course page

*ability to book on multiple sessions of same course

*ability to click through learning plans in ‘my activities’ to see detail

*ability to organise notifications in a better way 

*ability to notify mangers of a staff member booking on a course

*ability to hide course materials from search results


I think the response of ‘its coming soon’ isn’t enough.  it would be great to get some definitive indication whether we will see things like the above being updated/released soon, or whether we should accept that the workarounds we have in place are the best we can do.


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