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Setting Max Attempts

  • 25 October 2023
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If we have a SCORM assessment that is marked complete by achieving a passing score, can the maximum attempt limit in the Navigation settings be used to limit the user attempts to that SCORM training material?  Or is the only way to limit attempts is by using an assessment created within the Docebo application?


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It does work. Consider that views and attempts are two different things AND? Once locked - someone will need to reset the training material for a user to enter into the course. Which will mean needing a manual process somewhere.

Careful - your authoring tool may also support limiting attempts as well. Your authoring tool will lock it at the training material level, but that may not stay in sync with your attempts/views.


The # of views definitely isn’t what we want.  But I’ve not been able to enforce my attempt limit by just setting a value for Maximum Number of Attempts.  I am still able to take more attempts than what I set.  I’m not sure if there is something I’m not setting correctly or whether there is something in our content that is interfering. 


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@sue.hieter - as I knocked around the question with a few others? Probably the best way to support what you want is to author directly in Docebo. And I am sorry if I did not say that above.

I had to standup an online color blind test that seems like it should be cake. And we got it down to a person could sit there and actually retake the course if they wanted to at a single sitting. Even if we limited the count of attempts at the SCO level, you had to support the SCO starting from the beginning.

We use a tool called easygenerator for authoring many of our courses. It has an LRS running along side of it that actually did support listening for attempts as well. It was the mix between the two approaches that have kept our SMEs happy.

Articulate Storyline and (better in this case) Adobe Captivate give you more of a chance here with developing variables where you can say if a person gets X count wrong, go to this workflow or page/slide.

A thought - whenever I fail on advice with SCORM related authored material? Can I recommend reaching out to the SCORM folks? The company that supports that site - Rustici Software - are by far the best at understanding how to get a course to behave the way you want it to behave. They answer the gambit when it comes to SCOs. I will admit I was a customer at one point, but I feel like they are literally the best in the eLearning community when it comes to general supporting SCOs outside of Docebo support.