Uploading via CSV to Sessions - Marking as complete

  • 15 November 2022
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Hi, i have gone through a process of creating sessions and events via an upload.  I have then created the CSV for Enrolments into those sessions.  Is there any way of marking them as complete (on the correct date of the session/ event) in bulk rather than manually by an event or session at a time?  It is important that the completion date is the correct date.

3 replies

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One of the articles I am writing for an upcoming series has an easy way to do this using the API Browser (You do not need to know the browser or be comfortable with APIs) it walks you through it and has a tool to convert the format for you automatically. It is written already, just in the publishing queue, happy to send you the word doc though if you are interested. Just message me an email address to send to.

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@Bfarkas - send it to me too please.

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@Bfarkas- send it to me too please.

Sure - DM me your email please :)