Why is Docebo Support so bad lately? Ticket system not working either

  • 26 September 2022
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Any time I open a ticket with Docebo lately, none of the ticket# links work. It sends me to help.docebo.com and then says the ticket is no longer active, despite giving me the link and being a new and unresolved ticket!

My most recent interaction with Docebo support was horrible. I mean, what kind of half-assed response to an urgent issue is this? That’s all I got “Invalid date bug”. Nothing else to assist. Not too pleased here lately.



4 replies

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hi @martiniwinski - that is a bit of shocker, although I’m not sure what the context was prior to that message. I guess you were looking for something like this below, although  it boils down to the same thing - Docebo have changed something that breaks a fundamental part of our system (showing an event date) and we’re told we must wait until 28 Sept for it to be fixed; not good news however nicely it may be conveyed by the support analyst.



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Hi Stephen,

Thanks so much for posting this! Glad a fix is coming on the 28th.

My support request was followed up by Joshua and he explained the situation and helped me out in the end. It was very unprofessional seeing the first ticket response from Josh, but he apologized for that and got back to me with more detail.

However, I still can’t see any open tickets when I send them:


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Thanks for passing that info along @Stephen.Barton

@martiniwinski we appreciate you letting us know that the situation was clarified. I can understand your frustration upon receiving the initial reply, so we appreciate your understanding that mistakes happen and that we’ll always do our best to ensure rectification.

Also, I reached out to our team and they said that the reason you may be experiencing the issue with not seeing tickets is because they may be associated to a different email address then the one you are searching with. I will send you a DM right after this to confirm the email address you are using to see if this could be the reason why this is happening.

Chat soon! 

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Thanks so much Erin. Our company did change our emails recently (the domain part), so not sure if that messed something up with the ticket links. Appreciate the help and following up.