What can I find in Discussion Category Requests?

  • 20 April 2021
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Welcome to the Discussion Category Requests Category!


This post explains the purpose and themes within this category.


What is this category about?

This category is for you to request discussion categories that you feel might be missing from the Community. Do you find yourself posting but struggling to understand how to categorize your question? Let us know by sharing in this category.


What can I do here?

You can request new discussion categories by posting your own ideas, or share your support of other recommended categories by replying to other posts. Dissimilar to group requests, we will not use the number of replies to discussion category requests to determine what new discussion categories we create. Rather, we will compare the requests in this category to the types of posts we see created by community members as a whole to determine what new categories will benefit the community the most. 


You can post Questions and Conversations in any category. Conversations are the most common type of post in this category.

Questions are in Q/A format. They can have best answers, which give points to the user that posted the solution and highlights the answer for everyone to easily find. Make sure to mark an answer as best if it solves your problem.

Conversations are for open-ended discussion. Got something you’re curious about discussing, or looking for opinions? Start a conversation, and see who joins in.

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