Duplicating and translating certificates

  • 15 December 2022
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Hi Docebo! 

It would be awesome if it was possible to duplicate a certificate and also have certificates translate with user language preferences.


2 replies

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Love this idea!


RE: duplicating certificates, this workaround has helped me:

  1.  Open the template you want to duplicate
  2. Select the Source Code (<>) button in the toolbar
  3. Select all the source code text and copy
  4. Close out of the old template and create a new one
  5. In the new template, select the Source Code button
  6. Paste the copied source code from the old template

If you follow this process, you’ll still need to upload the correct background image (if you’ve used one). But from my experience, everything else I wanted to duplicate (tables, shortcodes, text, formatting) has copied over perfectly.

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Sounds like need to get a conversion to an idea to get some votes going, what ya think @elliott.vickrey ?