Manual Learning Impacts Sync

  • 28 September 2022
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We are having an issue with Learning Impacts not syncing all users so they do not get the survey.  We would like to manually override the warning message that someone was not enrolled in a course and sync the user.  Currently we are going through a process of:

  • Turn off all notifications in the system
  • Make note of which records are not syncing
  • Turn off all enrollment and unenrollment notifications
  • Unenroll users
  • Wait for hours for sync to happen
  • Re-enroll users
  • Turn on all enrollments and unenrollment notifications
  • Check for sync

Since this is being done off hours (because of turnining notifications on/off), we would really like to have a manual sync override process.  

2 replies

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Yikes, I hope you have a ticket open for this, as while the manual would be a nice backup, I’d think it shouldn’t be regularly used or required.

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Hi Sdinnoce, my name is Giulio Azzalin and I’m the Product Manager of Docebo Learning Impact. Thanks for your feedback. We’re currently working on the refactoring of the product and one of our goals is to improve the current sync and to help you to synchronise better courses and users. We’ll certainly consider your suggestion to view the comments.

In the mean time, I suggest you to use the new feature “DLI as a training material” that allow you to add the DLI Questionnaires (e-learning and initial evaluations) inside the LMS courses for the enrolled users. Hope that it could help you during the enrolment process.

More details:


Thanks for you interest in Docebo Learning impact