Requested Improvements for External Training

  • 8 December 2023
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First, if this has been addressed could someone please point me to the thread? I could not find anything on the issue.


There are a few functions with external training that could be added or improved upon to make this more usable:

  1. Notification of completed csv uploads
  2. Notification of errors associated with failed uploads
  3. Align formatting conventions with the other docebo uploads
    I uploaded a batch of training records 4 times because there’s no notification whatsoever whether the action succeeded or not, and since often times I’ve failed due to some kind of formatting error, I continued to make attempts. It turns out external training accepts mm/dd/yyyy whereas csv creation of sessions and events requires dd/mm/yyyy
  4. ability to bulk delete
    Because now I have 3 duplicate entries to delete across 150 training records
  5. ability to csv upload custom fields
    because even though I can upload the rest of the data, now I have to enter validation criteria for each record, anyway (a card ID number)

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