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Why don't session times show for user when they are choosing to enrol??

  • 28 June 2022
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Title says it all. We are setting up webinar courses and the session times do not show up to users until AFTER they have enrolled.

This means a lot of traffic to us to answer a question that should be answered in the platform.

As a result we cannot go live with webinar series until there is a fix.

When accessing the list they see the dates - which is OK

...however when selecting a date **NO date or time info is displayed**


Crucially this means that the times don’t show, so people don’t know if they can actually make the session.

The space is in the interface, but the data is not being offered to the page (it’s not being delivered as opposed to being hidden).

Once **enrolled** the information shows up, but that doesn’t help users select a session they can attend!!

This looks like a bug rather than a missing feature - any idea on a fix??


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7 replies

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I’ve just tested this as a user who has not enrolled in a course. We see the same type of list that initially only shows the dates. However, when we click the v at the far right, the times display there. This is BEFORE enrolling.

Once expanded, they can see the time information and the enrollment link in the lower right corner.



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@JGildea Thanks


Hmm, we definitely *don’t* see what you see. All of ours display as per the example above.

Good to know its not supposed to be like that but, I’m not sure where to go from here/how to escalate this for a fix?


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As far as we can see the data isn’t even being delivered to the page…



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@SeeWhy This looks like something to report to the Help Desk from within Docebo. Tap the Help Center at the top right, and then either Contact the Help desk or Help Desk - Chat. I tend to start with the Chat, and very often the analyst will submit a ticket for me after seeing if they can do anything immediately.


Good luck!!

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Thanks - I’ve reached out to support - fingers crossed :-)

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I’ve done a bit more testing and I can now confirm that it the learning plan behaviour that triggers the problem…


Webinar Course **as part of a learning plan**

  • Course catalogue visibility is set to: “Only subscribed users” (ie only access the course via the learning plan – this is what we want)
  • Subscriptions set to “Open” i.e. let the learning plan manage enrolments


Learning plan

  • Learner enrols on learning plan and gains access to the course
  • However this does not *enrol* them on anything! They are only added to the *waitlist* for the course
  • User can enter the course but as they are not enrolled on anything, they can’t see the session times/details (as above)

Support tells me that users on waitlist for a course cannot access session details.

In which case, shouldn’t access via learning plan behave as for independent session-based courses and take you to the same screen (see proof below)


Setting the same course’s catalogue visibility to “all logged in users” and accessing it outside of the learning plan, correctly shows the the full details of the sessions - before asking the user to select a session and enrol on it

So accessing via a learning plan should offer people this same screen – otherwise the learning plan is not suitable for mixing course types (recommended best practice).

That feels more like a bug, not a product idea!


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Video walk through: