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  • 19 June 2024
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 Hello, our organization is a big fan of using catalogs and assigning views as needed. For many cases, we may leave a catalog open to all users - but share the link to those who need to access it. As it stands- the advanced settings for catalogs is set on ‘hide.’ Making it hide the internal catalog. We also have a custom built homepage, with a widget for catalogs. This widget only displays certain catalogs that are publicly availble. Today as I was setting up an unlisted but public catalog - I realized in my test account that users are able to click ‘course catalog’ - which redirects them to the full internal catalog. This encompasses the catalogs that we would like to be unlisted but public, and only visible by linking. I have tried to delete or edit the ‘course catalog’ built in page but it cannot be done. I would appreciate any insight into keeping users from having the option and or clicking ‘course catalog’ and being taken to the full catalog. Thank you for your help in advance! Happy to answer any question. Small screenshot attached. 


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The course catalog link that gets used in the breadcrumb references the built-in catalog page even if the user didn’t actually visit that page on the way to whatever page they were going to. To get around this, I’ve seen people use CSS to either hide the course catalog portion of the breadcrumb, or hide the breadcrumb altogether.


Here’s some CSS you could try that should hide the course catalog page in the breadcrumb:


/* Hides catalog link in the breadcrumb bar */
/* Hides the actual link */
.hierarchical-breadcrumbs a[href="/learn/catalog"]{
display: none!important;
/* Hides the arrow after the link */
.hierarchical-breadcrumbs a[href="/learn/catalog"] + .ui-icon{
display: none!important;