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Changing colors of chart in Activity Overview with CSS

  • 28 May 2021
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Hi all,

Has anyone had success changing the colors in the donut chart of the Activity Overview widget? I’ve been trying to change via CSS but have not been successful. Any help is appreciated!



Best answer by Adam Ballhaussen 21 September 2021, 23:57

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I’ve tried several times to do this but have never been successful. Looking at the code, it appears that the chart is iframed into the widget, which means that we can’t see the HTML of the chart and any CSS we add wouldn’t be able to apply to that area. 

I would love to know if someone else had had success with this though!

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Hey @randallsim, as @nick.tosto shared, it’s not currently possible to edit the colors of this donut chart in the Activity Overview in Docebo Learn.


Don’t worry though, I do have some good news! While you can’t change the colors in this chart, you can change the colors of the My Activities chart. The even better news? You can find the code used to do so in the following post. Have fun changing the colors of those donuts! 🍩 



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Thanks, Adam. I had already figured the My Activities chart out but it does make a huge difference. I recommend it to anyone interested. Please let us know if it becomes possible to edit the colors of the donut chart in the Activity Overview.