CSS Completion/non completion icon of courses in LP

  • 20 February 2023
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Hello again CSS gurus

Following my previous question, I was also able to change LO completion icons

But when displaying my LP courses (by clicking on a LP details)… I would like also to match my icon colors

Any hint ?

Thank you

2 replies

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@Bouben Sounds like that would be super useful! I’m a little confused, however. Could you clarify which icon you are trying to change the color of?

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@elliott.vickrey I’m trying to change those “checkbox” icon color (and icon also if possible)

I’ve manage to do it for LO using @gstager tips:

and the result in LO is pretty good 

and I would like to get the same results for Courses in list mode: having a RED checkbox for in progress courses confuse my users.