CSS to keep font format when text is linked in HTML?

  • 11 October 2022
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So I was pointed to the super awesome post where we can use CSS to have specific fonts.  I was able to apply the CSS to an HTML widget and it worked fabulously! Here is the post: 

But when I linked the text, the font style totally changed!  See example:

Top is unlinked text, and the bottom is the linked text.  I want the linked text to have at least the same font family as the top text.

Is there CSS formatting that I can use to keep the format even if it is linked?

2 replies

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Interesting, the block to cover the entire platform has the a element covered so it should update, unless the cascade is getting you and there is more custom CSS defined lower down for links? Or maybe there is a different class or ID on that link?

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I used the second method so as to not change the font on the entire platform, but just apply it to specific text in the html widget.  Is there something additional I should use? 

here is the code I used:

(inserting an image instead of the code because that Base64 code is long)