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Hide a completed learning plan

  • 24 March 2023
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We have a page where we want our users to be able to see only the learning plan that they are currently on (status either not started or in progress). No other learning plans.  Is there a way to set this up? 


I tried using a my courses and learning plan widget set to all courses and then tried this CSS which I modified from another one I saw elsewhere in this community… it didn’t work.  


/** Hide completed items from learning plan widget **/

#doc-page-25 ui-cards-grid:has(.ui-card-status-done) {

display: none;



Then I tried creating channel that had the possible learning plans and to hide that way using the code I found on the page linked above. But that didn’t work either… 

/** Hide completed items from the channel **/

/** Oh - and remove the gap while at it **/


#doc-page-25 ui-carousel-item:has(.ui-card-status-done) {

display: none;



Is there a way to make this happen? 



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Think only users can hide these. They need to click the 3 dots on the Learning plan tile and the hide option will appear.