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how to remove course ID from player

  • 16 March 2022
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HI can anybody advise on removing the ID code from the course player?

Ive tried using 


subtitle-block ng-star-inserted {

    display: none !important;

But it did not work. any help?


Best answer by gstager 16 March 2022, 14:22

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Give this a shot and see if it works for you.

/** Remove ID from Course **/ {
display: none;


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Worked great! thanks a lot!

any tips on how you knew that the span. needs to be included?

we are facing multiple places where we can’t find the right CSS specification to address the changes needed.


thanks again,

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Well, technically, this should work as well…

/** Remove ID from Course **/ {
display: none;

Without  span

What I noticed right away in the example you posted is that the decimals and the closing curly brace were missing which would be a culprit there.

You need a  .  to refer to a class and

a  #  to refer to an ID

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Thanks for this @gstager. I just applied it to our platform and it does the trick.