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Images for HTML emails

  • 10 January 2022
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I’m new to HTML so if this doesn’t make sense, my apologies. I need a place to store images that are referenced in HTML emails sent from the Docebo system that is accessible to all employees. Instead of putting this on SharePoint or a company site (which is difficult given how big our company is) I was wondering if there is a place to store images within the system itself? (specifically for HTML emails) 


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@karilynnrussell this is actually well hidden in the Docebo’s user interface.

The good thing is that it will work across various places where you can edit HTML, so not only in notifications, but also for example when creating page widgets.

In the text editor (in the WYSIWYG mode), use the Insert/Edit Image button

 And then, in the popup window, use the button to the right of the Source filed

It will open a new window where you will be able to create folders, upload images, and select them for being included in the HTML (mark the checkbox, and click Insert).


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@kferguson @cathyp   could be helpful?

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The one thing to keep in mind with this setup is that it is tied to the user who uploads. This creates fractures of storage areas making long term setups prone to issues for updates and turnover. It would be a great idea to offer a admin area for some document management for these types of purposes.