New Course Player CSS settings?

  • 1 May 2023
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Has anyone looked at the CSS options for the New course player? 


For example I want to remove the Learning Object type (SCORM). in the old player there is theCSS option to remove this.

/* Remove the object type in the course player view */ > {

display: none;


Not being very adept at this i managed to find where in the code it seems to be displayed, but I have no idea how to convert this to a CSS command..



 Also I cannot see which module the course player resides in the localization app (any Suggestions?)


1 reply

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Here’s a quick hide for the new course player training material type label.

.lrn-course-player-play-area-wrapper .ui-list-item-main-content .ui-list-item-flex-slot {

I only tested this with a single scorm present in the player. Given the new course player is quite new, definitely test this out around the player in your platform.