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Permanent, linkable URL of Video Objects in CLOR

  • 7 December 2022
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Is it possible to get a URL of a video object in CLOR that can then be called via HTML video player, for instance to be shown on the public catalog page?  I want to be able to show some of our videos that are in our platform on a public catalog page, so people can get a taste of what they will see once they log in.  It seems stupid to have to host those videos somewhere else, like on our company website or other paid hosting site, when they are already hosted in Docebo.  We can get a URL for objects in the CLOR via API call, but that address, or token, or something seems to time out after some time, so users who are not logged in (which again, is the whole point), can’t see it.  The URL works long enough to download it once, but not to have it posted on a website permanently.  How can I get a permanent URL for it that will work permanently for a user who is not logged into Docebo?


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3 replies

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Docebo Support confirms this is currently impossible.  I am submitting as an idea, as this would be a very useful feature. for us, and I assume for others as well.


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Would be lovely. Post the idea link here so I can vote!

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Here is the link to the idea for this: