Replace "Powered by Docebo" with a custom footer on legacy pages

  • 27 September 2022
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we use a custom footer but on legacy pages the “Powered by Docebo” is still shown. After checking with Docebo Support, this is the expected behavior and can we hide the “Powered by Docebo” by using the following css code:

/*Hide footer in legacy pages*/
#footer > p > a
{display:none !important;}

The code itself works but now within legacy pages the footer is empty and we want to have the custom footer, because we have a link the Imprint and Privacy Policy.

Does anybody know how we can force the custom footer on the legacy pages? 

5 replies

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Can you give some examples of which pages you want the different behavior on just to make sure we are talking about the same things?

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Hi @Bfarkas  ,

we want to have it on every legacy page, such as Learning Plans/Course catalog management pages or the My Activities page.

The goal is to replace the “Powered by Docebo” with the Docebo’s custom footer or a footer that is simular to the custom footer.

To be honest, I do not think that it is possible. CSS is for styling and not for inserting hyperlinks. To do this, we need to alter the HTML, which is not possible.

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I mean that is generally true, there are ways to add content through CSS but generally to be avoided for large amounts for a few reasons. Hmm. I’m thinking you might have to approach this the reverse, hide and add the new footer to all pages via css and then add an additional hide tag for known pages and you’d have to basically add each page ID to that class to cover them all. 

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I am for sure not a CSS god 😁, but to my knowledge I can only alter the footer and not insert a different/new one.

Can you maybe give me an example on how to insert two hyperlinks and a copyright claim with CSS? I googled and went through several Stackoverflow articles, but I didn’t find a way to insert a hyperlink without using jquery or Javascript.,to%20use%20jQuery%20or%20Javascript.

I only have to alter the legacy pages, all other pages have a custom footer (can be defined in the white label settings).

Legacy pages do not have a page ID, or what Page-ID’s do you mean?

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Oh it’s legacy pages? I wondered what was up with that.