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Title/subtitle for catalog widget

  • 6 December 2023
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I want to be able to add a title/subtitle between the catalog widget (highlighted) and search bar. The widget setting itself only allows titles and it will show above the search bar. Does anyone know what I can do?



Best answer by lrnlab 6 December 2023, 22:21

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depends on how you set-up the page….what you are showing looks like the catalogue widget...if you add the title and description to your widget it will appear just above the course cards...the search bar should always remain on top even if you have several catalogue widgets on the same not sure I’m understanding your question…

If you want to add a small line or narrow box to separate parts of the screen, your best bet would be to create a something like a thin coloured box and add the image widget between your catalogue widgets could look something like this:

in the example above, the image was created with a small white line on a background that matches the site background. The title is the widget title…

Not sure if this is helpful...

Thanks for your reply. When I go to the catalogue widget, it will allow me to have a title but no description. When I add that title it shows above the search bar not below. The the og post the picture shows the title and description right below the search bar.  



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So you want something like this?

this is the catalogue widget where “My catalogues” is the title and the blurred out text below the search bar is the catalogue title and catalogue description (from what is in the Catalog app) need to name your catalogues and add a description of that to show in this widget…

On the default all catalogue page, these also appear...

Got it! Thanks a lot. I didn’t have the description and my display mode wasn’t set correctly. 

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ah! glad you figured it out...