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Using CSS with Extended Enterprise

  • 19 October 2023
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Hi Community.  We are currently implementing EE and i can’t get a straight answer from Docebo about using CSS iwithin the sub-domains.


If within the sub-domain, i turn on “enable custom settings for this client”, does it use the root CSS along with the client-specific CSS i add, OR do i have to copy the root CSS into the client CSS area to have it all apply?

The latter seems to be an administrative nightmare, but i’d like to better understand how the CSS updates work within EE.

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.



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from my experience it does not...I recently wanted to implement a site wide CSS change and thought easy, just do it at the root but when I tested my subs, I did not see the changes and had to add to eat sub domain…

It’s probably best to have the whole code copied to each sub with its own extras to make sure the code sticks as you need it.

Tip: make sure to copy and date your code for each domain as a backup in case something goes awry...I keep text files, with the code on. shared drive.

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@lrnlab Thank you so much.  That is what i was afraid of.  Great tip, and i do that as well.  All HTML and CSS in the site is copied and dated in .html or .txt files.

However, i don’t have the issue of the CSS code at the root not applying to the sub domains, but that’s probably because i don’t have the “enable custom settings” turned on.


Guess i’ll add that to a list of processes we want to document.

Thanks again.


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@lyndagutman That is what I’ve found. The root CSS will only “trickle down” to sub-domains that don’t have “enable custom settings” enabled, but will not affect sub-domains that do have the settings enabled.