Using Superscripts / subscripts for Test Training Materials

  • 11 November 2023
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One of the choices in our test question has a superscript, and I thought using the tag <sup> could do the trick. It looks ok within the Question Bank,


but when it’s being viewed on the test, the actual tags are shown as well: 


I’m not very familiar with CSS or HTML coding, so I’m sure there must be a step I’m missing. Does anyone have a recommendation on how to fix this? Thanks in advance!



5 replies

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So I am guessing you are using the old course player? I don’t see anything wrong with what you did, and I get the same result there:

But in the new player it works as expected:

So going with not currently supported on original course player?

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@CrysG Support advised that there was issue with the HTML code showing and they are applying a hot fix. You might want to reach out to support to confirm you have the same issue and whether it will be fixed.

@Bfarkas thanks for the reply, good to know this is working on the new course player. We have not used yet the new course player, we’re waiting on some features/fixes to be implemented. We might wait until the it is pushed to our production instance. 😅


@lrnlab thanks for the tip, I’ll do that!

Thought to check it first before reaching out to support and looks like it’s already been fixed 😀 : 


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@CrysG yes just checked mine as well and all is looking good now…

They also fixed another issue where the multiple choice and single choice question types had different point sizes...this too has been fixed.