Adjusting Date Complete to a date in the past via API - not working

  • 13 September 2022
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Has anyone been able to update a records completion date to a date in the past with the Docebo API explorer? I tried the following. The API functioned but the record completion date did not change.
Learn > Enrollment > Update enrollment of user to course (Single update)
PUT    /learn/v1/enrollments/{course_id}/{user_id}


We have some safety training records that were moved. The user’s record is set to complete on the day they were uploaded, and the completion date reflects this. But they need to be updated with the actual dates.

In the API I can use the command shown above to put an updated date into the system, and all goes well with the API, but the date shown and the system does not match. But in the admin interface I can manually update the individual record to a date in the past and this works fine.

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