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Alternative shopping cart setups

  • 11 June 2021
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We are a training company that currently uses the built-in ecommerce shopping cart.  We now have a need to sell tangible items along with courses, and this creates a problem for the collection of sales taxes in the United States. We have looked at the Shopify solution, but they take a significant cut of sales--even when you’re using a third party payment gateway. We also looked at a Wordpress cart solution by Red Earth Design that ties WooCommerce to Docebo, but it currently is engineered to handle eLearning courses (not ILT with sessions/events/etc.).

We’ve considered also changing our CRM to Salesforce.  It is my understanding that there are carts that work directly with Salesforce, so…

Has anyone been able to set up Docebo ecommerce in this fashion?

          Docebo <==> Salesforce <==> Third party shopping cart

If not, have you find other solutions that work with Docebo?  One vendor, BigCommerce is suggesting some sort of integration with (for automation today we are using Integromat, not due to cost).

Any advice is appreciated.


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Hi ,

We have seen other customers utilize Shopify.  That seems to be pretty robust.

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Hey @elamast! Docebo offers a connector to BigCommerce (as well as Shopify, WooCommerce) through our new integration product. Feel free to DM me, and we can set up a quick chat with your rep to explore your needs a bit deeper!


In case it is helpful to anyone working with WooCommerce and Docebo, we have an integration plugin built to connect the two:

Currently it supports elearning courses and connects at the course level, user group level, or learning plans. It can also map customer user fields.

Hope this can help someone!

Best wishes,

@aempson, I’m interested to connect with others using Shopify - would you be able to connect me with those that you mentioned who are using it?

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When using this type of integration, does it replicate the courses descriptions to your web site/web store?

I am trying to get our courses visible by search engines; because right now, we cannot find them using very specific keywords or even the course titles. We work in a niche sector of biopharmaceutical science, which means the searches we make are very specific and do not return our content.