Authored in xAPI and communicating with Docebo from outside?

  • 21 September 2021
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Morning - has anyone established using content published in xAPI outside of Docebo? And using Docebo as an LRS to collect completions.



10 replies

I asked a similar question of tech support, my CMX, and account manager in August and have gotten a similar answer as you have in the last month. 

Can we access the Docebo LRS directly or not? If so, where can we find the key and the secret?

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I think it is all API driven.

Ask your CMX for a technical call.

Worse comes to worst? There are freebies out there that may be intriguing to you.

And with a developer or a developers mindset? Most people would agree that an LRS is highly highly mineable.

I tried out Watershed LRS for a project once. It kicked butt. BUT?? I would love to know more as well. Like if I figure out how to do the endpoint with the LRS….um...then….when learners are hitting a course?…what does the data look like???? I am pretty sure that I cannot get to that data via the reporting systems.

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I, too am interested in the answer to this questions...

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I am also interested in this question. Docebo must store this information in an LRS, but can we access it? 

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In the Knowledge Base article for xAPI, there is a section titled: “Best Practices”. Here:

Best Practices for xAPI/Tin Can Content in Docebo

  • If you want to track your xAPI (Tin Can) package remotely, you need to upload the package directly into your platform. Your Docebo platform does not support completely anonymous tracking. If you want to send xAPI (Tin Can) statements to our platform, you can do so using the following link format: Additionally, users must have a valid email address associated with their account in order for the platform to store tracking data for xAPI training materials. While you are able to upload xAPI (Tin Can) packages directly into the Central Repository, we suggest you upload them directly into a course. You can push them into the Central Repository after uploading them into the course if desired.
  • The only place where xAPI content can be updated is via the Central Repository.
  • There are no versioning options available for xAPI content.

We do have an LRS within our database and this is the access point. Docebo follows xAPI standards for this interface, which is to say, currently our documentation is limited so reference xAPI standards documentation for formatting. (see here for in depth information:

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I should add, that we have a course available in Docebo University regarding accessing our APIs and xAPI in particular. 

The content for xAPI can be accessed here:

Please feel free to register with Docebo University for a free account and access to content on Administration and use of the Docebo LMS if you haven’t already.

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@kerry.roberts Is Docebo LRS ADL Compliant?

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So in an intriguing turn of events? Articulate latest release has beefed up their LRS support.

One of the big complaints about leveraging rapid development tools with xAPI has been that they make courses too chatty. But being able to send along custom statements? It may be the sweet spot (and btw? Articulate allows you to select the statements that you want to send along) you have been looking for.


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Finally came to the epiphany what Docbeo xAPI Support really means. I get that you need an “endpoint”- like your own LRS that you set up. That there’s an API to get the data out of the database ((raises hand) clueless)  

@dklinger How did you make out with using Articulate? Because that link you provided was a lot about determining/setting ACTORs (“on great, another thing to figure out”-in that I know about Actors, just didn’t realize there’s a whole THING. ) 



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Last week MY CMX had me thinking that the don’t support xAPI, doesn’t have an LRS, and that they don’t stick xapi any a table somewhere that you have to know how to do API stuff to get out.


Then I just read down this thread again. And I’m still not sure.


And the number of replies next to my name are the # of replies *I* have done, and not replies to the post, right?