Britsafe DSE Risk Assessment

  • 15 December 2022
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Are there any other members of the Docebo community who use Britsafe to deliver health & safety training courses?

We have recently implemented the Docebo LMS and have come across a slightly tricky scenario with the Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Risk Assessment course provided by Britsafe. This is a series of questions about a learner’s working environment to identify any potential health & safety issues, which the learner provides answers to. In the Britsafe platform, any issues highlighted are escalated to a learner’s line manager, who can then record remedial action taken.

Although the DSE Risk Assessment is provided as a SCORM and works fine within Docebo, the issue arises when information is entered by the learner, as that information is still transferred back to the Britsafe platform to hold against learner records held in Britsafe. This will mean maintaining learner accounts and the organsational structure within the separate Britsafe platform, which is obviously something we don’t want to do.

Has anyone else encountered this scenario and, if so, how did you get around it? Any advice or guidance would be gratefully received!

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