Course unassignment/unenroll from Branches

  • 20 December 2022
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We are looking for an API, where we can un-assign a course directly from a branch, so all the users of that branch will be unassigned/unenrolled from that course.(it need to done via 3rd party also)

We have access to below url and can test it once we get any API for this requirement.

In my previous post we got the answer for group to branch assignment which can be done via!/audiences/Audience/Audience_audiences_v1_audience_uuid_users_0_1 

Now we are looking for opposite of this API, so un-assignment/unenrollment of course from a branch. 

Really appreciate if someone can respond or help. 

Thank you 

1 reply

@erin.brisson Thanks for welcoming me to the Docebo community. We need help with an issue we have been trying to resolve. We have users who were accidentally enrolled in courses/groups. We know we can use the api and upload a csv of the users to unenroll them from the courses; however, we also need to unenroll them from the group. Is there an automated way to do this?